AND WINS ! ( Best director award ! )

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May 26 , 2002 : PTA won the "Best Director award"!.

Right below is the short speech PTA gave after receiving his award (audio document made from the award ceremony broadcast on Canal + ).

English dubbing

PTA before the screening of PDL

"Qui a reçut le prix de la mise en scène ?"

A few days before the Victory

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Shown at the Grand Théâtre Lumière ( Cannes)

The world premiere of this movie was at Cannes during the morning screening ( May 19, 2002) . The photo is taken from the second screening ( in the evening).

"PDL" should be released in the US on October 11, 2002 !

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Additional pictures and video excerpts from the screening of the movie are available here!
PDL goes to Cannes
Screening (Cannes)
Jeremy Blake (Digital Art)
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Here you can view the whole ceremony, which includes all of the awards given during this year's festival ( 50 min 47 sec of video recording !)

Look at this bar : The position to find PTA speech ( between 29 mn & 33 mn ) , it can help you to find what we are looking for below


Translation: English voice ( This video is in French with the English dubbing) . Translation: English voice

1 - David Lynch's announcement for the "Best Director" award is viewable at the following place in the recording : 29 min 20 sec .

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2 - Then comes the long speech of Im Kwon-Taek ( 3 minutes long ) .

3 - If you're exclusively interested in viewing Paul-Thomas Anderson's 1-minute-long speech you can jump directly to the following place in the recording: 33 min 30 sec.

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PTA saying a few words in French: cheat notes needed!!
David Lynch ( President of the Jury)
Virginie Ledoyen (The host of the ceremony)
Applause ( Emily Watson )
2 prizes (ex aequo with Im Kwon-Taek)
The set
" Two ! "
" The best thing a director can ever do is to thank his actors...so... Emily Watson, Adam Sandler, Wherever you are : Thank you very much ! "
Here i am !
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Mounting the steps ( La montée des marches)

= The guests reach the 'Grand Théâtre Lumière' via the red carpet. Only the TVs and the press photographers with a special accreditation are entitled to be present.
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