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French trailer PDL

French trailer


( Quicktime: Small , Medium, LARGE )

( Petit, Moyen, GRAND )

PDL French trailer

http://www.ptanderson.com ( latest news )

http://www.ptanderson.com ( latest news )

An Unofficial but very very very good fan site..

http://www.ptanderson.com ( latest news )

http://www.columbiatristar.fr ( Punch-Drunk Love page )

_____http://www.columbiatristar.fr ( Punch-Drunk Love page )____

( Columbia French Official site )

- The story

- Short biography of the director and actors.

- Crédits etc ...

http://www.columbiatristar.fr ( Punch-Drunk Love page )

http://www.festival-cannes.com ( Punch-Drunk Love page)

Videos seulement sur le lien US____with videos ( RealPlayer &Windows media player )

The Official Cannes site ( videos, photos etc...)

http://www.festival-cannes.com ( Punch-Drunk Love page)

Interviews Hoffman / Watson

les interviews sont en anglais ( traduites en Français) ____interviews are in english. ( translation: french voice)

To see Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Emily Watson interviews, please click on " Bande Annonce"

When you are on www.allocine.com , just click on "BANDE ANNONCE"

And some photos here :

(Do not click on the gif above, but on allocine.com )

Interviews of P. S. Hoffman , E.Watson


888888__The official site

Quicktime needed


The official site


ARTE is a French & German TV channel

Site en Français ( les interviews sont en anglais)____ French site,  Interviews in English

Realplayer needed

5 interviews of Paul-Thomas Anderson (excerpts))

5 interviews ( Paul-Thomas Anderson )

Internet Movie DataBase

________ Internet Movie DataBase (Punch-Drunk Love page)

The well known "Internet Movie DataBase"

Internet Movie DataBase (Punch-Drunk Love page)

POPEYE the movie ( With Robin Williams & Shelley Duvall

POPEYE the movie

Buy from Amazon.com

Lyrics of "He Needs Me" ( Singer : Shelley Duvall ) from "Popeye" ( by Robert Altman ) with Shelley Duvall & Robin williams. We can listen it in Punch-Drunk Love , and you can listen to it below ( full length ) :

[Olive] " Until the day I die I won't know why I knew he needed me (...) Dah de da da da da da da da da da....

RealPlayer needed Click HERE to listen to it ( 322 Ko, 2mn37 )

POPEYE the movie ( With Robin Williams & Shelley Duvall

RottenTomatoes.com ( PunchDrunk Love )

RottenTomatoes.com ( PunchDrunkLove )

RottenTomatoes.com (PunchDrunk Love)

Classified Reviews :

- Red tomatoes ( fresh )= rather good reviews.

- Green tomatoes ( rotten ) = rather bad reviews.

+ News , Forum etc...

RottenTomatoes.com ( Punch-Drunk Love page )
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This site in English____Ce site en Français
PDL soundtrack cover
Run Barry, Run !
Just have a look at the Punch-Drunk Love Soundtrack details (will be released on November 5, 2002 .)