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Paul Thomas Anderson

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<----- We can sense strong emotions and happiness in Emily's eyes.

<----- Adam Sandler is hidden behind PTA, who is hidden behind Emily Watson (red dress) , who is hidden behind Philip Seymour Hoffman, who is hidden behind....


Video, poor quality, Windows Media Player , 448ko , in French, Running time : 16s


<------ Guillaume Canet ("The beach"). Guillaume said in an interview that he likes very much PT anderson. We can see PTA's influence in his first movie as a director "Mon Idole" (2003) ( a good first movie, and i love the end ! )

Jean Reno ( "The professional" ) and Juliette Binoche ( "The English Patient").

Jean Reno said in an interview, that he likes very much "this director" (PTA) and Luc Besson (director of " The 5th element") was agree with him and said that "Punch-Drunk Love" was "a VERY interesting movie" .


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<------ Adam Sandler looking at PTA (that's his back you can see on the right side of the picture) .


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In the Video above, the French voice says : " On the night Punch-Drunk-Love was first shown, Paul Thomas Anderson and the actors in the movie are being hailed as the screening was over. "

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We can also read in the review of the French Newspaper " La voix du nord " ( in the critics section ) that : "At the end of the morning screening, David Lynch remained seated until the credits were over. He was left almost by himself in a deserted screening room. One can assume this is a good sign for Paul Thomas Anderson and his outstanding actor, Adam Sandler. "

David Lynch ( president of the 55th Cannes film festival 2002)
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